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Slingshot, The Grinder Reinvented
Once upon a time, there were coffee grinders that required constant dose adjustment. There were slow and messy grinders that could only be tamed by a trained coffee maker. Then Slingshot was designed…. Prerequisite for the engineering team was to create a coffee grinder that could be used by everyone: from the novice to the expert Barista. The lack of freshness, dosage flexibility and consistency, typical of the traditional dose grinder and the problems of the ‘fresh on demand style coffee grinders, where constant time adjustments are required and speed is compromised, is the driving force behind the Slingshot patented design philosophy. Slingshot is a precise, fast and reliable coffee grinder, which, in addition, completely eliminates unnecessary coffee waste.   The Slingshot grinder uses a revolutionary patented self-dosing mechanism that delivers a perfect coffee dosage without wasting any ground coffee. Packed with over 18 innovative features, Slingshot promises to improve coffee quality and efficiency for cafes, restaurants and franchises. Slingshot grinders are powered by a belt driven technology, that reduces direct heat transfer to the coffee chamber, whilst improving quality and dosage consistency. Our patented real-time coffee maturation display shows the Barista the precise coffee resting time, which helps to determine when the coffee is at its best. Our research shows that freshly roasted coffee performs at its optimum when the ground coffee has ‘rest time’ between grinding and pouring. An advanced climate system controls the internal heat generated, the coffee chamber therefore maintains a constant temperature. The micrometric grinding adjustment, integrated with a digital position counter allows precise control over the coffee grind. All innovations work harmoniously in a simple, modular design. Side panels of the Slingshot can be customized to match your coffee machines or multiple grinders can be joined together to improve workflow and save space. Slingshot comes in 3 different models: The S64 with a 400w motor and 64mm flat burrs for small coffee consumption, the S75 and the C68 that share the same 800W motor with respectively 75mm flat and 68mm conical burrs for busy cafes. All components are either designed in-house or outsourced from the " best in the game", like the electric motor made by RPM Motori in Italy or the unique burrs made by Keber Macine from Venice. At Slingshot we only partner with companies that share our vision: Design Environmentally Sustainable Quality Products.

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