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Grinders Comparison Chart

Fresh on Demand and Doser Grinders

Slingshot grinders

If we reduce the need for continuing dosage adjustment, we improve the grinder consistency and usability. With the Slingshot grinders, the main variable is the ambient condition.
The barista needs only to adjust the coffee grind size coarse or finer.
Even the less experience coffee maker will be able to achieve perfect coffee extraction at all times.

Traditional doser grinder
Invented almost 100 years ago, they still represent a large % of the market. The main problems of the traditional doser grinder are the lack of flexible coffee dosage adjustment and the large amount of coffee doser retention. ( up to /over 300 grams of coffee ground retention).

When the Traditional doser grinder is compared to the Slingshot it's a win for the Slingshot with a knockout in the first round.

Fresh on demand grinders
Fresh on demand times based grinders are very erratic.
Many variables can affect the dosage delivered and the grinding quality.
Every time there is a new grinder setting, the Barista will need to estimate a new grinding time with the risk of entering in a loop of hit and miss adjustments.

Fresh on demand grinders may perform well in the hands of a skilled Barista, the reality is that many venues serving coffee don't have a dedicated barista but rather a number of personnel filling the role with minimal training. This creates the need for a foolproof Slingshot coffee grinder which doesn't require expert knowledge to operate.

Fresh on demand grinder weight based
Weight-based grinders are the latest hype in the market. There are two types of weight-based grinders:
Live weight,where an electronic scale continuously monitors the coffee dosage delivered.

Post grinding weight,where an electronic scale weighs the coffee dosage at the end.The post grinding weight system is still a time based grinder with the difference that time setting is done automatically by an algorithm based on the weight of last coffee dosage.

It is undoubtedly an improvement when compared to existing fresh on-demand grinders, but they still carry problems such as coffee wastage, speed and the high purchase cost.