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The Problem


In our view, coffee waste is all the coffee ground that did not pour the perfect coffee shot. On average, coffee waste can account for up to 16% of total coffee consumption resulting in a loss of income .

coffee charging 1

Waste during the charge of the coffee portafilter

All the coffee grinders on the market generate coffee ground spillage when loading the coffee into the portafilter. The problem is more accentuated in the fresh on demand grinders style, especially when a high coffee dosage is required.

Slingshot features a sealed distribution chamber which accurately delivers the ground coffee to the portafilter with no loss of coffee.

waste for calibration

Waste for calibration

In the traditional doser grinder types, the coffee chamber can hold over 300 grams of pre-ground coffee. When the Barista needs to re-adjust the grinding, "calibration", all the coffee already ground will be wasted. The same applies in the fresh on demand style grinders, where any adjustment of the grinding size, the Barista will need to estimate a new grinding time to maintain the correct dosage. Most of the time this will result in coffees being wasted.

The Slingshot's unique dosing system works on the volume of coffee delivered in the portafilter. the daily adjustment of the grind settings won't influence the dose provided.Our system minimises the coffee waste during the calibration.

odd coffee

Waste for "odd number" coffee

What is the odd number coffee? Is the coffee wasted by using only the double portafilter due to the poor performance of the single portafilter.

If the request is only for 1, 3 , 5 ..coffees, probably one coffee always gets wasted in the drip tray.