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History of Slingshot

We wanted to create a Coffee Grinder that can be used by anyone, from the expert barista to the novice.
A grinder simple to use that continuously delivers the perfect coffee dosage without unnecessary coffee waste.

The lack of freshness, dosage flexibility and consistency typical of the traditional doser grinder is the driving force behind the Slingshot patented design philosophy.

Slingshot also addresses the problems of the fresh on demand style coffee grinders, where constant time adjustments are required, and speed is compromised.

  • 2015 Design of 1st prototype

    Start the design for the slingshot mechanical doser.
  • 2016 Testing in the field

    The slingshot doser is attached to various existing grinders for real testing in the field.
    International patents are lodged.
  • 2017 Collaboration

    Starts the collaboration with the experts in the field: The Italian manufacturer Keber helped us with a unique design burr and Rpm Motori with a custom motor to power the grinder's belt drive system
  • 2018 Pre -production

    Slingshot is released for testing to selected customers around Australia .
  • 2018 Slingshot is revealed to the World!

    Slingshot first appearance at the CAFESHOW SEOUL 2018
  • 2019 Ready for the market

    Slingshot is presented at MICE in Melbourne